Capacity Building Support

Capacity Building Support


There are currently 333 demining teams operating/will operate across the country out of which 148 are/will be funded by the US Department of State. As part of its activities, 11 ITF/DMAC operation assistants will conduct quality assurance inspections to ensure:


  • Mine action quality requirements are met
  • Internal quality management systems of implementing partners are verified
  • Mine action implementing partners are undertaking clearance activities effectively and efficiently
  • A transparent and accurate system of record keeping and reporting of mine action work is maintained and monitored by mine action implementers


Over the past few years, UNMACA has transferred more responsibility for quality to the project implementer, focusing instead on the project implementer’s systems and controls.

11 ITF/DMAC operational personnel will undertake around 90 – 100 QA/QC visits per month. The reports of quality management inspections are entered into the national database and then are sent to the relevant implementing partner. DMAC and UNMACA quality management personnel will systematically follow it up until the reported nonconformity is covered and preventive measures are taken by the respective IP (Implementing Partner).

The ITF/DMAC project manager will guide and supervise the ITF/DMAC operational personnel assigned to their region.



  1. On a quarterly basis, inspect and evaluate demining projects at the field office level to ensure that all mine action records for planning, prioritization, progress, productivity, output, QA and outcome are maintained. Reports will be verified by ITF/DMAC project manager and entered into IMSMA (Information Management System of Mine Action).


  1. On a monthly basis, inspect and evaluate a sample of all survey/demining operations to ensure that operations are being undertaken in a safe, efficient and effective manner, and land is returned to community use and that mine action resources are managed and used effectively and efficiently. Reports will be verified by ITF/DMAC project manager and entered into IMSMA.


  1. Conformity and non-conformity reports/results.

After all necessary inspections and other quality assurance activities carried out and after evaluation of all results at the field office level, to ensure that all Afghanistan Mine Action Standards (AMAS) had been met, issuance of a clearance/handover certificate for surveyed/cleared site to certify that the AMAS land release/clearance criteria have been met.