Background: The Hotline project began in September 2012 to timely provide mine action response and remove mine/ERW threat, decrease mine/ERW civilian causalities, remove mine/ERW blockages, ensure consideration of community priorities for mine action intervention, establish a link between communities and mine action to get their feedback and ensure demining operation effectiveness and efficiency. The table below shows total calls received and responded through MAPA hotline during the month of April 2020, during the 1st quarter of 1399 (April to June 2020) and since the start of the project.

During the month of April 2020, 34 calls were received by MAPA hotline number, out of which 1 call was for Survey, 4 calls were for hazard clearance and 29 calls were for spot EO clearance. All calls have been followed with the related DMAC ROs and Mine Action IPs.

Find more here: Hotline Monthly Summary report for April 2020