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The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has funded the survey and clearance of 82 former firing ranges which covers an area of 1200 sq km. ITF has signed a Grant Agreement with the US Department of State for implementation of Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Firing Ranges in Afghanistan with an implementation period initially started on 1th Feb 2015. These firing ranges were used by international forces under the ISAF/NATO mission in Afghanistan but now are abandoned. Clearance of Firing Ranges is carried out by an International Demining Company, Sterling Demining Afghanistan (SDA). External Quality Management of this project is implemented by ITF contracted QM cell under DMAC’s supervision.

Firing Ranges Total Area Size 1200 Sq KM

  • Area Cleared by IP
  • Certified by DMAC
  • Failed QC. Re-cleared by IP

Firing Ranges Total Area Size 1200 Sq KM

  • FRs completed by IP
  • FRs Certified by DMAC
  • FRs failed QC. Re-Cleared by IP