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About The Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA):


On the 16 Feb 1973 coinciding with 27 Dalwa 1351, based on the Presidential Ordinance No – 56, the Department of Disaster Preparedness (DDP), today known as the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA), was established.


In 2003 Afghanistan, being one of the member states of the UN, developed key policy documents such as the Disaster Management Framework, National Strategy for Disaster Management, and National Disaster Management Plan. The National Disaster Management Commission (NDMC), under the leadership of the president has been established. Currently, the Commission which is an inter-ministerial board is chaired by the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. ANDMA serves as secretariat and executive arm of the NDMC.


The Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) is the principal institution at the national level with the mandate to coordinate and manage all aspects related to disaster management and humanitarian affairs including mine action.


A presidential decree of May 2007 empowers ANDMA as a nodal agency responsible for coordinating all disaster related intervention in the country. However, ANDMA lacks capacity to undertake this responsibility in an effective manner
ANDMA is a Directorate General and has seven directorates including Planning & Policy, Mine Action Coordination (DMAC), Emergency Operations, Administration & Finance, Risk Mitigation and Human Resource. ANDMA is represented by its provincial Directorates in all 34 Provinces of Afghanistan. In the provinces, ANDMA provincial directors’ server as secretariat and operational arm of the Provincial Disaster Management Commissions (PDMC). The PDMC is chaired by the Provincial Governor.


Currently ANDMA is manned by 383 people. Capacity of directorates differs from province to province depending on availability of staff, amount of operational resources, security, geographic terrain, and multiple other factors.